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Our Stage Motto:   “Let everything that hath breath, praise the Lord.” If you enjoy singing, speaking, dancing, or playing an instrument and praising God with all you have to give .... come be part of a great ministry! Or you may like working in the background, ( with set and backdrop building, costume making, or as a stage hand or lighting/sound technician). YES ... we definitely need you too!
Ebony FootPrints in the Sands of Time Partners:
Introducing the “sermon-on-the- stage”  approach to spreading God’s Word where it’s needed.
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Invites you into a world of fun, fellowship and fantasy -- as we step onto stages and out of who we are - into who we need to be in order to fulfill God’s purpose in sharing knowledge and winning souls for Christ. With African Drums, dance, music, and historical vignettes, we bring Ebony Footprints to the stage in a rousing performance of history - taking the audience from the ”Motherland” to “this Otherland” we’ve grown to call our own. All this Talk About Heaven tickles the funnybone - while tackling some serious issues and watching “good church and family members” wrestle with their faith journeys. And there’s always music.. lots of foot-stomping, soul- searching good gospel music!
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Check us out on Face Book PraiseStage Productions Theatre CompanyPraiseStage Productions Theatre CompanyPraiseStage Productions Theatre CompanyPraiseStage Productions Theatre CompanyPraiseStage Productions Theatre Company “And the Word Was…” A riveting SermonOpera that says “There’s nothing new under the sun … nothing!” Saturday, Dec. 6, 2014  2 p.m. Matinee Performance:   $10 (Advance)  - $12 (Door)  6 p.m. Performance:  $12 (Advance) - $15 (Door) Tabernacle Presbyterian Church 418 E. 34th Street - Indianapolis, IN. (North side Entrance –Lower Level) For Tickets - Call (317) 543-2541 Group Rates Also Available by calling the above number Proceeds go to Support  Our Youth Speech, Debate & Drama Camps                                                                   www.praisestage.org Presents Written and Directed by Ethel Brewer-McCane